A Restatement & Prayer - Spiritual Gifts


A Restatement & Prayer

A Review

Part One of this book showed that spiritual gifts are various abilities God gives to His people to serve His people (the church) effectively. The burden of the New Testament in reference to these gifts is service. Christians are to serve one another out of a heart of genuine love. Each believer is privileged to be gifted by God Himself for this purpose, and to fulfill this purpose each Christian is responsible. This is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit Himself!

Part Two discussed the gifts available to the church today. This is the heart of proper New Testament Church function. Each member is a part of the body, placed there to serve the entire body. Some of these gifts are relatively unnoticed but extremely essential nonetheless; the church would suffer without these gifts. Other gifts are more prominent and are given for the purpose of leading; without these gifts the church would have no foundation or framework and could not stand.

Part Three demonstrated that the miraculous gifts are clearly not for today but were given to the early church as a vindication of the apostles and their message. To have them today could not serve the purpose and would be contrary to the faith God requires. They served to establish the credibility of the faith then being delivered. We now with confidence hold that faith which was then established.

Part Four investigated issues related to the discussion of the temporary gifts. Charismatism has made much of the miraculous gifts and has brought in other false doctrines as well. While there may be some spiritual growth among the Charismatics, their understanding of the book of Acts and the nature, extent, and timing of Spirit baptism is clearly in serious error. An unwavering commitment to the authority of Scripture would settle all such errors.

A Prayer

The subject of spiritual gifts is not only a fascinating study; it is also a subject of vital importance to the church today. It is my prayer that this book has not only helped to clarify the issues involved but that it has also encouraged you to be active and effective in the work of the Lord with your giftedness.


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