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No Condemnation!

Text by Fred G. Zaspel, Copyright, 1995*
Sing to the tune of "Morning Has Broken,"
traditional Gaelic melody

No condemnation Now in Christ Jesus!
Great consolation -- Jesus has died!
Our sin laid on Him, Full pardon gives us.
Looking by faith dim, We're justified!

With judgment sure, must God recompense us?
He perfectly just, What is our plea?
This: "Christ is for us! Who is against us?"
His blood shed for us Pardons, sets free!

In Him and through Him -- Christ our Defender!
Praises all due Him, What mystery!
God in Christ dying As the offender!
His blood supplying Our pardon free.

Christ the great surety To those believing;
He all the pur'ty God can demand
Righteousness given -- Conscience relieving!
By blood forgiven, In Christ we stand!

To Christ all blessing, Praise without measure!
In Him we're resting, His peace made known.
His all the labors -- Ours all the pleasure!
God's gracious favors Through Christ our own.

When there before Him -- Then, in full glory --
We sing our new hymn, New praises give;
'Twill be this old song, Of Christ our glory;
Through ages told long: "In Christ we live!"

(*Permission to copy these words for non-commercial uses is granted.)

. Lost Was I

Text by Fred G. Zaspel, Copyright 1995*
Sing to the tune of "Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise"

Lost was I and helpless, damnation deserved,
Yet in my proud mind, thought 'twould never be served.
No cares for my God, no concerns for my pride,
My sin I would keep -- knew no reason to hide!

But God, rich in mercy and grace all divine,
Had chosen to save me, despite my designs.
He said he would love me and make me His son,
For reasons unknown -- explanations I've none.

To save me He paid such an infinite cost --
His dear Son from glory He sent to my cross!
Laid all my sin on Him and punished Him there,
For me, who for Him would not ever have cared!

Then to me He came, and with o'erwhelming grace
He drew me to Him Who had taken my place.
I saw then in Him the great Savior alone,
Went running to take Him and make Him my own.

He took me, and oh, with what gladness I find --
He loves me and leads me with gentleness kind!
What mercy, what love, and what grace oh, so free!
My God, unto Thee shall my praise ever be!

(*Permission to copy these words for non-commercial uses is granted.)

Ask You?
by Fred G. Zaspel

Ask you what inflames my soul,
What consumes my passion whole?
What inspires my longing heart?
Who alone can zeal impart?
      Jesus Christ, my savior!

Who can take my load of sin?
Who can make me pure within?
Who can bear the dreadful curse,
Pay the price for sins perverse?
      Jesus Christ, my savior!

Who can give my conscience rest?
Who provides full righteousness?
Who can give me lasting peace,
Causing all my guilt to cease?
      Jesus Christ, my savior!

Who is he that keeps my soul?
Who shall take me to my goal?
Who secures my destined plan?
Who shall guide me to that land?
      Jesus Christ, my savior!

Christ it is who stirs my heart!
He bids all my fears depart!
Christ who died, the sinner’s friend
He shall keep me to the end!
      Jesus Christ, my savior!

by Fred G. Zaspel © 2003
Written in response to Johann Schwedler’s "Ask Ye What Great Thing I Know?"