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                                                                            Thy Word is Truth
  by E.J. Young

A New Appreciation of an Old Book
                                                                         Review by Fred G. Zaspel

E.J. Young’s Thy Word is Truth has remained in print since its first publication in 1957, and for good reason. This wonderful classic on inspiration and inerrancy deserves to be read widely by our current generation. Young was one of those top-rate scholars whose learning was matched by a heart valiant for truth. In this famous popular-level book his exposition and defense of the doctrine and his critique of contemporary alternatives are insightful, easily accessible to the average reader, and warmly moving to any Christian heart.

Young begins with a survey analysis of “The Issue Before the Church” and introduces the broader context of the currents that run against the historic doctrine of inspiration in professing Christian theology. He returns to these views throughout the book and later in chapters 9 and 10 he returns to address “Some Modern Views of the Bible.” Some of the alternative views Young address are not at the fore today, but his analysis remains as relevant to the step-children of those views that plague us. Indeed, in these passages one gets the sense that there is nothing new!

Young’s exposition of inspiration, the extent of inspiration, and the role of the human authors of Scripture is (confessedly) Warfieldian and cogent. His explanations and clarifications of what inerrancy is - and is not - are clear and very helpful. And his concluding chapter, “The Bible and Salvation,” is worth the price of the book.

May God give us increasingly more such scholars, who with learned mind and heart of evident devotion to God give themselves to the exposition and defense of the faith. Do yourself a favor, and read this book. You will find your understanding of this doctrine clarified and your soul well-fed with a fresh appreciation of the need, value, and reliability of God’s self-revelation in Scripture.