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Short Takes

Dever, Mark, and Paul Alexander. The Deliberate Church
(Crossway Books)
All through the years of my ministry I have tried to read books on church ministry. I have made it a practice even of reading those with which I know ahead of time I will have fundamental disagreements, just to see what I might be able to learn in order to enhance and advance the ministry of our particular church. I finally purchased The Deliberate Church: Building Your Ministry on the Gospel (by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander; foreword by D.A. Carson) fully expecting to enjoy it and to profit by it. Very simply put, this is the best book I have ever read on the subject of church ministry - hands down. What a wonderful and useful contribution this is to the church. To my knowledge it is far and away the most Biblically driven and practically useful title available. It provided me with some needed alterations in my own ministry. Mark has thought through a wide range of church/ministry-related issues Biblically, and he has provided a very simple, practical, seasoned, hands on guide to doing church ministry in a way that is informed by the gospel. I assure you, your ministry will be enriched and advanced by this book, and your church will be blessed as a result.