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Fred Zaspel's
NEW POST!  Typology 1 -- The Biblical Pattern

Typology is the Study of Scripture which understands certain Old Testament events, personas, and institutions as historical yet symbolic anticipations -- or previews or prefigurements -- of realities later realized in the New Testament.  There are better and more .... [read more]
FEATURED: B.B. Warfield

Warfield takes as an example the scenes of Jesus’ trial. “Here the priests, the rabble, the Roman governor, the Jewish king, are all brought into sharp contrast with that one calm figure of a perfect man, looking down unmoved upon .... [read more]
FEATURED: Why the Tulip?

What makes a man a Christian? Is he just born Christian rather than, say, Muslim? Is it that he lives in a country which is predominantly "Christian"? Or maybe it is simply because his .... [read more]
FEATURED: What is the Bible All About

What is the Bible all about? What is its primary purpose in writing and its leading theme? We find the answer to our question when we examine the beginning and the end of Scripture. At the beginning God creates the world . . .  [read more]
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"Our faith itself, though it be the bond of our union with Christ through which we receive all His blessings, is not our saviour. We have but one Saviour; and that one Saviour is Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing that we are and nothing that we can do enters in the slightest measure into the ground of our acceptance with God.
Jesus did it all." ~ B.B. Warfield